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How To Safely Hire An Electrician During The Lockdown?

Whether you're stuck at house with an electric emergency situation or are a electrician service provider battling to influx of call outs during this pandemic and winter season, below are some pointers on just how to lower the coronavirus threat we are facing as a nation.


Electricians must make sure they extensively communicate their plans on working safely to the home owners. This will certainly aid both electricians and homeowners in guaranteeing that the customer is confident that the job can start safely within their premises. It will likewise also diminish any kind of complication over any type of safety measures the electrical expert might be making.

Better to be Safe Than Sorry

It's not always the most comfortable subject to broach, but electricians should make sure they ask and identify if the home they are visiting is a safe environment and that no one has Covid-19 or If anyone in the house has the virus or is currently isolating, likewise the homeowner also needs to ensure that the electrical exert is observing government guidelines and is healthy, fit to work and Covid-19 free.

If it transpires that either party is unwell then it should be suggested that any electrical job needs to be rescheduled until their seclusion period is complete and all parties are well and no longer displaying symptoms.

During a lockdown in Wales, tradespeople can still complete work however if it's not urgent then it is recommended to wait till the quick lockdown period finishes.

Keep Distance

Homeowners should make an effort to continue to be at a risk-free range from the electrical professional (which is 2 meters). This likewise indicates avoiding shaking hands, offering drinks, or remaining in the exact same space while work is being performed (when possible).


Electricians should bear in mind to wash their hands as often as they are able, throughout and also after they conduct their work-- making certain to dry their hands on their very own hand towel. They have to take the time to extensively wipe down all tools and also instruments utilized-- and also not neglecting to safely take care of any kind of wipes, handwear covers etc. In addition to this, service providers ought to be using ideal PPE. Some guidance has actually been released around the use of face masks, alerting versus those that do not fulfill the required safety criterion. You can review it on the Health And safety Exec website. See to it that any PPE sold by your trade supplier is risk-free and also effective.

Property owners can likewise assist by guaranteeing that the workplace is well aerated e.g. an open window. Go with digital signatures, papers as well as settlement rather than allowing pens, documents and also money to pass through hands.

These are just a couple of pointers that electrical specialists and also property owners should consider to make sure important domestic work can be embarked on securely during the existing coronavirus pandemic.

We at NWL Electrics take great measures to ensure the safety of our customers, we always keep up to date with the latest developments with regards to Covid-19 and put measures in place to ensure our teams safety and our customers comfort and safety.

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