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What Electrical Checks Do I Need To Know About For My Rental Property?

Recently, brand-new legislation has actually been introduced in England that means rental property owners need to have the electrical wiring and appliances in their rental homes inspected by a qualified electrician every five years.

All electrical installations can deteriorate with age and usage. The legislation stipulated that periodic inspection and testing needs to be carried out by an electrical contractor, dependent on the size of the dwelling; a thorough test will highlight any problems that need to be fixed in order to make the installation safe and complaint.

What we would do at NWL Electrics:

  • Examine if electrical circuits or equipment are overloaded

  • Determine possible electric shock risks and fire hazards

  • Look for any faulty electrical work

  • Our qualified electricians will release an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) that consists of information - recommendations for action that should be taken and a statement as to whether the installation is safe.

So, if you are a personal property owner or occupant, what does this mean for you?


Electrical wiring and installations need to be checked and tested before the start of a brand-new occupancy from 1st July 2020

Checks should be carried out on any existing occupancy agreements by 1st April 2021.

These checks should then be performed on a 5 yearly basis.

If any work needs to be performed in order to make the property safe, this need to be done within 28 days of the preliminary examination.

A copy of the EICR must be provided to both brand-new and current renters

It is your duty as a proprietor/landlord to ensure that the person who performs the assessment and any repair highlighted as a result of it is appropriately skilled.

The very best way to guarantee this is to utilize a skilled and qualified electrical contractor registered with a Government-approved scheme. We at NWL Electrics specialise in this, with years of experience and 5 star ratings, we have a highly qualified and capable team and who are available and ready to serve you.


By law, your property manager must ensure that the electrical installation in your rented home is safe throughout of your occupancy.

If you are a brand-new renter, this need to be completed prior to you relocate. For existing occupancies, the landlord needs to have the electrical checks finished by 1st April 2021. They must then offer you with a copy of the Electrical Installation Condition Report, validating that the home is safe.

If you are worried about an electrical contractor coming into your house during the COVID-19 crisis, our post will help you to keep social distancing while work is performed.

Find out more about your electrical security responsibilities as an occupant here.

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